Kristina sjödin respit

Kristina Sjödin

Founder of RESPIT

I create support systems devoted to professional growth and personal development in a beautiful, secure and spiritual way.

Combining a freedom-based mindset method with professional coach training, I help replace negative programming which prevents us from making change and advancing in our lives or careers. Negative programming can come from anywhere: our childhood, partners, society or culture - even ourselves. Wherever they’re from, they can prevent us from making change and advancing in our lives or careers. These negative programs will be gently but firmly replaced with positive, life-affirming messaging that will clear your path to advancement.

  • What is you want to let go of? 

  • What is it you no longer want to keep in your life?


In order to move forward with ease, we sometimes need to look back and deal with the root cause of what’s holding us back - emotional pain, emotional or energetic blockages can prevent us from becoming who we really are. I work actively with emotional, energetic and other subconscious blockages that prevent us from branching and discovering new and powerful aspects of ourselves.

Achieve your goals with ease and joy

A Shamanistic approach for personal and professional development

For more than 25 years I have been participating in and leading womens’ circles and ceremonies in a shamanic style, having worked on both personal and organisational levels.

I am interested in personal development, spirituality and even traditional psychology (step 1 basic psychotherapy training) with transpersonal focus, including group processes, image therapy, Buddhist psychology and family/company constellations for change work.

Formal qualifications:

I am a trained Coach within ICF at Professional Certified Coach, a Coach at ACC level, Coaching leadership and training in Coaching Psychotherapist, Psychodynamic method. Supervisor in Care Processing for individuals and groups. Supervisor in Strength Development Inventory. Groups and individuals. Certifiers in Values Online, Tools for mapping and use of values for individuals, teams and companies.


1200 SEK for 1h of Emotional coaching.

Bundle: 10 sessions for 10,000 SEK

Currently, I am actively engaged in studies in karma and an apprenticed Shaman.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Yours sincerely,

Kristina Sjödin

Take the brakes off and move forward